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Whether it’s translation, proofreading, editing or copywriting you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. It goes without saying that our professional language services are efficient, rapid and accurate, but the final copy that we provide you with will always be of the highest quality.

Here's an abbreviated aperçu of the principal services that we offer:


Regardless of how a source document is created, Tip-Top can translate the content into any number of languages. While the majority of our translations begin or end in English, we also handle direct translations between non-English languages (translating a legal document from German into Spanish, for example). We always set to work the best, most appropriately-qualified linguist on your project - please see our languages page for more information about our exceptional language teams.


Perhaps you or your company have translated something in-house, and would like it be double-checked before you publish, pitch, present or press the magic 'send' button. Or maybe - perish the thought - you went elsewhere for translation services, and it's come back to you full of typos. Either way, our proofreaders will go over your text with the proverbial fine-toothed comb to ensure that it ends up error-free.


Our translations are carefully looked over by a second pair of eyes in case any tweaks or touch-ups are required, so we are well versed in the art of editing. We also offer this as a stand-alone service, should you feel your marketing brochure needs just a bit more oomph, or that your sales proposal isn't presently aimed at the correct target market. Alternatively, should you need an existing language version of a document to be edited so that it better suits readers of a variant of that language (Dutch/Flemish, French/Canadian French or UK English/US English, for example), that is a service we would also be delighted to provide.


Getting across the perfect message, with the perfect words. Let our creative, experienced copywriting teams find those perfect words for you. We offer a bespoke copywriting service in most languages, which can be carried out virtually via the wonders of the Web, or on-site at your premises. Drop us a few words (they don't have to be perfect) at quality@tip-toptranslations explaining your requirements, and we'll be back in touch as quickly as possible. How perfect is that?

And that's not all - please take a look at our extra services.

Queries about our how we can help your business? Get in touch with Tip-Top today! E-mail us at quality@tip-toptranslations.com for a rapid response.

Tel.: +44 (0) 131 208 4495 (Scotland) / +1 218 525 1341 (USA)

E-mail: quality@tip-toptranslations.com

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