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The Irish dramatist John Millington Synge is reputed to have said that "A translation is no translation unless it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it." The goal of "transcreation", a jargon-y term for creative translation, or any translation where a fair bit of imagination and innovative thought is required, is to make the translated text - be it a snappy advertising slogan or a slick marketing brochure - purr as contentedly as the original. If you'd like to feel like the cat that got the cream, speak to us about our transcreation services.

Brand name checking

Launching a product in a different market from your own is a tricky business at the best of times, so it's quite easy to see how the suitability of the product name within that market could be forgotten about in the commercial whirlwind. To avoid the rather amusing cultural and linguistic traps into which huge brands such as Ford and Ikea have tumbled in the past, allow us to analyse whether or not the chosen product name works in your target market. We'll provide you with a comprehensive report covering every aspect of the name, from potential negative connotations to pronunciation hurdles.


We can provide experienced interpreters in most European and Asian languages. Be it for business meetings, corporate conferences or tour groups, we will address the needs of your project in the customised, tailored manner that this highly specialised service requires. Our interpreters are all highly trained professionals - the person assigned to you or your group will not only have a solid background in the subject area, but will have carried out extensive research beforehand, so that all linguistic angles are covered.

And finally...things we won't touch with a Bootsstange/gaffe/bichero

  • 'Post-editing', an elegant-sounding term for an extremely un-elegant process (the correction of machine translation output by human linguists/editors). Not for us, guv.

  • DTP (Desktop Publishing) - something we would prefer to leave to typesetting specialists. We do, however, know the very people, and would be delighted to point you in their direction.

Queries about our services? Get in touch with Tip-Top today! E-mail us at quality@tip-toptranslations.com for a rapid response.

Tel.: +44 (0) 131 208 4495 (Scotland) / +1 218 525 1341 (USA)

E-mail: quality@tip-toptranslations.com

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